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Nov 18, 2012 1:00am EST
to bring of the pentagon. don't ask don't tell is historic. it was passed and that had full lot that is removed from our books. we have to remember that our men and women who fought and died to this country do not have equal benefits. there is a long way to go as it relates to the full benefits -- id cards, etc. there is a whole host of things so we need to make. as well as transgendered service. that is not a discussion. it is something that is important and needs to be addressed. all of these things we talk about -- there are real life people. it is not often you can pass a law that there are real life people that are immediately impacted and feel it. in this country, the vast majority of people live in places where they are treated as second-class innocence. a young person growing up in america -- look at the three places where people spend most of their time -- home, school, and church. they are rejected in all three. encourage people that they can grow up with the same dreams as their peers. these false and demonstrated actions and successes matter to real-life people. it i
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
is very is he ductive if you're in the pentagon you have this list of individuals that you believe are plotting against the united states and so if you can sort of cross these names off the list it makes it feel as though you're keeping the united states safer. i think there is a faulty logic going on in there because we've really seen over the past decade the u.s. has been fighting these wars they're just killing these particular individuals doesn't itself make us safer because so often many more people come up. within the ranks. and i think there's also a tendency within the u.s. to sort of personalize al qaeda. so particularly in yemen we saw this with the american born cleric. this is the individual that the argument was advanced by some if he could be killed that the u.s. would be safer. he was of course killed in a drone strike in september of e 2011. al qaeda continues to plot. we know that they had a plan in which they gave this latest version of the underwear bomber thankfully to an undercover agent. so now he's been crossed off the list. and now we talk about the next one
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2